Our Story


My website designer told me that i needed to write out an "Our Story". My first inclination was to ask him to write something on my behalf, as I was busy ROASTING COFFEE!!! My second inclination was to quickly pump out some cute little "coming to be" anecdotes and clichés. That's when I realized:

I’m busy….. we’re all busy. Kids, work, home, recreation, hobbies, obligations….. the list goes on and on. Behind it all though, live our hopes, dreams, inspirations and goals. While some folks are busy trying to bring those desires to fruition, others are busy trying to keep those dreams alive.

This is my dream. For years it smoldered quietly while other aspects of life kept me busy. One day, while talking on the phone with the man who is now the love of my life, something clicked. Since 2011 I have been working diligently to bring my dreams to fruition, and seeking out like minded individuals so we may achieve our goals together.

And so: we roast coffee, we brew coffee and we share it with those that share our love for it. My hope now is that the product of my dreams can help can give you the stamina and inspiration to create yours.